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Material optimization

Screenshot of nesting.png

Sheet metal is like most things priced at a premium, so never has it been so important to optimize your material. Here's the cool bit, the image above is a nest of various parts from various customers that was preformed by AI in about 5 seconds. The skeleton from the original sheet weighs very little minimizing the waste to a level that would be near impossible to replicate from manually placing methods. Sharing the material costs and the machine time to the portion of the cut with other customers keeps the costs down.  The software will proportion the time of the cuts to the second for each customer making it all completely fair, even the time to load the sheet is proportioned fairly. For smaller users this saving on the material alone could pay the costs of the laser cost, saving all that labour, remember smarter not harder.


If you would like to get in touch to get some pricing, leave us your details. If you have a drawing, great attach it below. We can work with dwg, dxf, pdf and step files. We can help if you don't have them, we can work with other sources even a photo of a sketch. Extra costs may be incurred if we have to draw the parts for you but we will let you know if this is the case! If the file is more than 15MB let us know and we will use Wetransfer to receive the files.    

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